Directed by Rahi Rezvani...

Editors recently signalled their return, with the band's new album due to arrive later this year.

The overarching visual identity for the project is being helmed by Rahi Rezvani, an Iranian-born artist who was sentenced to leave the country of his birth in 1999 due to a simple photograph.

The director takes charge of the video for 'Life Is A Fear', the results are startling. Moody, monochrome visuals, it matches the sweeping grandeur of 'Life Is A Fear' itself.

Rahi explains: "I am a black and white person, un-scared of dividing the world in good and bad. When you have a past like mine, you don't have time to think in shades of gray."

Check it out now.

Editors will release new album 'In Dream' on October 2nd.

Photo Credit: Rahi Rezvani

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