An Italian in London...

Being an outsider in a vast, sprawling city is a strange experience.

As disorienting as the whirl of traffic can be to those familiar with their surroundings, the effect on those foreign to city life must be positively hallucinogenic.

Echopark is a project led by Antonio Elia Forte, an Italian living in London. Born in a tiny rented room, it seems to focus on sheer sound, the effects that pleasurable noise can have on the human ear.

Debut album 'Trees' was released last month, and its pastoral flair was matched to a sense of dis-location, of being slightly at odds with the surrounding world.

New single 'Brother' has all the soft focus charms of its parent album, but being taken along seems to add new clarity to the track. Backed with an amazing live video, the clip displays a talent coming into its own.

Watch it now.

ECHOPARK - Brother (Live at Sudestudio) from Enclaves Music on Vimeo.

- - -

'Trees' is out now.


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