Rising Washington DC five piece...
Drop Electric

A happy accident, that's Drop Electric.

A collision of influences, a crossroads of intent, the band hail from Washington DC - a town known more for ferociously territorial scenes than playful invention.

Yet secluding themselves away from the ghosts of hardcore punk and go go, Drop Electric have been able to construct something beguiling and quite addictive.

Debut LP 'Waking Up To The Fire' is set to be released in October, fusing ethereal vocals with extremely direct electronics which have a pop touch. "Our songs have always come from a collection of accidents" explains the band’s dummer Ramtin Arablouei. "It is a few people in a room playing instruments until something sounds good. So we decided to do what we always did. Don’t think. Just write".

Switching off the conscious mind looms large in the band's songwriting. Stripped from the upcoming album, 'Blue Dream' is backed by a beautifully shot clip which features two people are who are inevitably drawn together.

Yet will it change their lives in the way they would wish? Watch it now.

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'Waking Up To The Fire' is set to be released on October 22nd.

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