The Last Skeptik x Dream McLean
From new EP 'Cheese On Brown Bread'...

The Last Skeptik is one of the true pillars of UK hip-hop, one of the talents who can be relied on for fresh, forward-thinking music.

As if keeping a nine piece band on the road and generally being an inspiring figure of independence wasn't enough, The Last Skeptik recently stepped back into the studio with Dream McLean.

The two are long term collaborators, and always push each other further and further into unexplored territory.

New EP 'Cheese On Brown Bread' drops on January 23rd, with the pair unfurling new cut 'Doing Bits' as a preview.

A slick return, it finds The Last Skeptik laying down something fresh for Dream McLean to spray over - and it's pretty fantastic...

Sonny Malhotra steps in to oversee the visuals, and you can check out the complete package below.

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