At their voyeuristic best...
Depeche Mode


Depeche Mode have always had a seedy side. Whereas most chart groups were happy to sing about first love the odd infatuation, the boys from Basildon just wanted to get downright kinky.

New album 'Delta Machine' is out now, and the electro giants are showing no signs of behaving themselves. The latest track to be drawn from the LP, 'Soothe My Soul' matches a near religious sense of redemption with some seedy activity.

Dave Gahan is on imperious form, adding a gospel tinge to his tale of love on the wrong side of the tracks. The video for 'Soothe My Soul' hit the net last night, and it displays the band in a gloriously voyeuristic fashion.

Lurking in the shadows, Gahan takes on an almost sinister role while a near naked female dancer jerks in the light.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Delta Machine' is out now.


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