Carefully etched songwriting...
David Bronson

Letting your mind drift, allowing your thoughts to float into unexpected directions...

That’s the effect David Bronson has. A New York based songwriter, his gently wrought acoustic tapestries seem to unravel into patterns all of their own.

New album ‘The Long Lost’ is the second of a two part collection, and it’s a soothing, introspective affair. There are nods to the Laurel Canyon school – Graham Nash, James Taylor – as well as more recent fare, with Iron & Wine standing out as a near parallel.

‘Incompetent Assassin’ is blissfully downplayed, with a near Elliot Smith use of twisted silence. Stylishly shot, Clash is able to showcase the clip for ‘Incompetent Assassin’ before anyone else.

Watch it now. ‘

- - -

The Long Lost’ is set to be released on October 14th.

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