Starring Gary Oldman...
David Bowie

David Bowie has always taken great care of the visual element of his career.

From his costumes to the stage lighting, from the cover art to the music video Bowie has maintained effortless control over all areas of his career.

So the videos for new album 'The Next Day' have been unsurprisingly fantastic. The title cut has now received the visual treatment, with the finished results placed online last night.

A lavish affair, David Bowie appears throughout while Gary Oldman and actress Marion Cotillard also make guest appearances. Seemingly "written and conceived" by Bowie, it makes extensive use of religious imagery.

Curiously - as David Bowie's website points out - this isn't the first time Gary Oldman has worked with the singer. Both appeared in the 1996 film 'Basquiat' while the two artists contributed vocals to Reeves Gabrels' album 'The Sacred Squall of Now'.

Watch 'The Next Day' now.


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