Breathing gas, meeting Bono...
Everything Everything interviewed at Benicassim

Us office types at Clash, we sent a team over the Spain, so we did. We told them: bring us back some brilliant video content. And, you know? They only bloody well delivered.

Right here, you can watch Clash's question master tossing posers the way of precisely half of Everything Everything. Where: backstage at that Benicàssim, of course. Bono? Yes, he met them, at the Q Awards... something about Noel Gallagher... just watch it, basically.

And if it's EE who really do it for you, you'll be tickled equally spendidly by this session they recorded for SWEAR and Clash. Watch away, why not, just here.

For more things Benicàssim-flavoured - video content, set reviews, wonderful photos - click here. (You'll find Woodkid, Swim Deep and Zane Lowe in conversation there, for starters.)

We've got more coming. Oh, you'd better believe we've got more coming.

- - -

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