Industrial shoegaze? Sure, we'll take it...
CUTS Cut 1

Sometimes a track, a song, an artist, a video just drops into your inbox and, because it's the second day of the new year, you click the link and find yourself a little bit absorbed by what's at the other end.

Which is pretty much what happened today, when Invada (the label, home to Beak>, Thought Forms and more) sent through (scant, indeed) details of a track by an act called C U T S. Or CUTS. Cuts. We're not sure. It's hard to be sure right now.

All we do know is that the band - we'll assume it's a band for the time being - represent the label's first signings of 2014. Given the quality that passes through Invada, that's a Good Thing Indeed.

Have a watch, have a listen. Y'never know, you just might like it. File under Industrial Shoegaze, or something...

CUTS / C U T S / whatever do have a website. Not that there's all that much on it. Invada can be found here.

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