The video is a striking experience...

BYFYN is a bold new voice, one that combines left field electronics with a daring pop touch.

Quietly groundbreaking, her commitment to emotional truth takes the London artist to some dark places.

Part of the Rising Sun Arts Collective, she strikes out on her own with new single 'Ain't Gonna Be Lonely'.

A bold, striking return, the track recalls the more introspective moments of Robyn's catalogue, the assurance of Austra, or even aspects of Grimes' work.

BYFYN comments....

“I had been going through a bit of a crisis of identity and I was struggling with anxiety. I began to realise just how co-dependent I had become on my boyfriend of six years. I hate being alone, I always have, but it had kind of reached a crisis point for me, where I was like, I'm in my mid 20s now, I need to examine what's going on here, so I wrote this song as a start.”

The video brings these themes to life, with director Munir Malik taking inspiration from classic horror, and the idea of exorcism.

He says: "From the very first time I heard this song, it spoke to me of a struggle, a sense of an evolutionary stage in someone’s life. There was a notion of someone trying to escape the darkness to find a new source of light. Sometimes everything feels difficult to achieve and the depression that results can consume you to the point that you might struggle to imagine how things could turn themselves around."

"Emerging out of this inertia can feel like an uphill struggle, a summoning of all one’s powers to develop a belief and a self-love. A faith that you are capable and deserving of achieving your dreams and desires. It’s a struggle that I’ve experienced first hand - the path to directing has never been smooth for me and I’ve often felt like giving up, but a hungry creature inside me keeps the fire burning and I continue to chase the light."

"The feelings evoked by the piece brought to mind the idea of an exorcism (that and my innate love of the horror genre). Battling depression can be like battling with a demon. I wanted to capture how these moments can feel unreal, isolating and above all lonely. I wanted to bring light to the emotional other-worldly powers required to overcome these struggles."

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Olivia Lifungula

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