It's a homage to that fabled decade...

As no one in particular says: If you can remember the 90s then you weren't there.

Now, that's not actually true, but we all need a walk down memory lane at some point, and Busted are here to supply it.

New single 'Nineties' is a homage to that fabled decade, and includes tongue-in-cheek nods to Top Of The Pops, Blind Date, and more.

Shot by Rankin, it's a neat clip that is sure to entertain even if you're never classed yourself as a Busted fanatic. The director explains:

“This film is trying to get back to those amazing Joseph Khan videos of the late ‘90s / early ‘00s, where you don’t over analyse what it’s about or how it’s been made. It’s just fun and makes you feel good, in the same way the song makes you feel good. It’s memorable and you want to watch it again and again to take it all in.”

“What I loved about doing it was how many of the team in my office were fans of the band and wanted to be in the video. It was at that point I realised the video is for the fans and to really push for that. In my opinion, the best music videos accentuate a song and that’s always what I want to do when making promos. The song is the star – not me or the directing.”

Tune in now.

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