It's a story of impeccable timing...

French Caribbean but living in West London, the story of Brinx revolves around the role of change in her life.

Flying to Tobago, she eased away the hours by writing music, saving the file on her Macbook shortly before landing.

Forgetting all about it - wouldn't you on that paradise island? - it took another 12 months before Brinx clicked on the file once more, and found that the music really spoke to her.

Arriving at the right time, the right place in her life, the music became her new song 'Unavailable Love'.

"It just all seemed to make sense," she comments, while yet another chance meeting - this time in Washington DC - placed the single in the hands of Huw Stephens.

Out now, 'Unavailable Love' is a gorgeous piece of 21st century soul music, personal songwriting with a fragrant tropical twist.

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Unavailable Love by Brinx on VEVO.

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