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Blue Daisy

Every so often we'll hear something that knocks us off our feet, out of our shoes and into a ditch.

'Fuck A Rap Song' is most definitely in that category. For the past year and a half we've been soaking up new hip hop sounds from the States, artists like Death Grips who pursue a darker agenda.

Now it seems to be washing up on British shores. North London producer Blue Daisy you might be familiar with - sure he doesn't release much, but thus far his Black Acre backed discography has been little short of exceptional.

Dahlia Black are something new. 'Fuck A Rap Song' pairs the two against one another, with Blue Daisy providing some of his heaviest, most intense production work yet.

Gritty, almost Industrial sonics betray a slight Grime influence, with those bass belches coming straight out of FWD. It's the vocals, though, which tip the track over the edge - Dahlia Black up the violence while dimming the volume, updating Tricky's trademark whisper into some stunningly new.

It's out now. Here's the video.

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'Fuck A Rap Song' is out now.


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