It's about locating community during a period of isolation...

These are testing times.

Lockdown is necessary, but it's also led to a mental health epidemic, as people fave financial insecurity while removed from the comfort of family and friends.

Northampton songwriter Billy Lockett is experiencing this alongside the rest of us, and he's looking to art as a means of processing these feelings.

New album 'Together At Home' lands on June 26th, with proceeds from the project going towards charity.

A one off statement, it's a selection of modern classical piano tracks inspired by this very strange, utterly unique time.

Dominated by the spectre of self-reflection, the album is a journey inwards, a time of self-discovery - beautiful, and oddly moving, it stands out as a means of locating community during a period of isolation.

New single 'One World' is a case in point - there's a poignancy to those melodies, but also a gentle warmth. We're able to share the video, and it features a number of paintings, all arranged in a haphazard but meaningful way.

There's a hugely personal vein to this, with Billy commenting...

"All the paintings in the video were painted by my dad who passed away six years ago. I felt extremely close to him making this video and have always wanted to really show off the amazing talent he had! I wanted to create something haunting as it can be really tough being alone but also very comforting to know there are always people with you in spirit and in memory. I really hope that comes across to everyone."

"This video was totally home brewed (for obvious reasons) and shot over a couple of days. The whole point of the song is about all of us staying at home being surrounded by the things and people we love (hence the cameo from my cat Barney... haha!) And although we are apart we can be at home together on this planet... our One World."

"Although it’s very DIY. I had a lot of fun experimenting and making it with very few resources. Really pleased with what we got and hope that the people find at least some of the enjoyment in the paintings a I do. It means a lot to be able to share that."

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Olivia Rose

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