Time lapse images...
Beach House

2012 is now but a memory.

For Beach House though, it's effect won't dim immediately. The year saw the American band finally make their breakthrough, with fourth album 'Bloom' bowling over anyone who came into its path.

Lush, dreamy music with a cinematic touch, it's perfect for listening to while the winter world passes by your window. Clearly self-aware enough to grasp this, Beach House broke cover over the holiday to present the time lapse video for 'New Year'.

Taken from their recent album, 'New Year' is matched to a series of images showing the album coming into focus during sessions at Sonic Ranch studio in Tornillo, Texas in 2011.

Posting a message on YouTube, the band wrote: "It's more of a home video thing, not a music video... we just thought these moments and the memories they involve fit this song."

Watch it now.

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Happy New Year to all our readers!


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