Directed by Jeff Scher
American Royalty

Funny how sound and vision link together.

We're not talking about something as rare as synesthesia - literally seeing music as shapes, colours - but it's somehow enticing to begin wrapping landscapes around intoxicating sounds.

It's something which Brooklyn trio American Royalty seem to do well. Their liquid, fluid take on psych-pop is steeped in bizarre sounds - squelches, slides - which seem to ring around your imagination.

Working on new material, the band are set to release upcoming EP 'Prismatic' on February 5th through Guns In The Sun Records. If lead track 'Honey & Queen' is anything to go by, it should be something special - all smooth curves and guitars that seem to drift off into the night, this is three minutes of languid songwriting with a syrupy texture.

Maintaining a frequent collaboration, Jeff Scher has stepped in to direct a video for the track. All psychedelic visuals and trippy effects, the shapes and colours morph, shift to combine effortlessly with the music.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Honey & Queen' is set to be released on February 5th.


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