Live at the Coveryard...
Alice Boman

Live from London's Coveryard - where rising artists are paired with a 22-piece chamber orchestra - here's Alice Boman's 'Waiting', in a quite arresting style.

The Swedish singer has seen her profile grow quite splendidly across 2013 - and 2014 promises greater exposure to her evident talents.

Boman's intimate songwriting approach might not seem the most obvious pairing for the lush sounds of a chamber orchestra - but listening to 'Waiting', it's clear enough that the combination works a treat.

Boman's EP 'Skisser' came out in July '13, compiling a set of songs both delicate yet composed, full of purpose through their lo-fi haze. She supported Sarah Blasko in the UK, and sets out as support to Anna Calvi in March, in Scandinavia. As a tip for the next few months, she's as good a bet as any. Catch her live at Eurosonic 2014, too.

If what the Coveryard has going on appeals, find out more about their nights by clicking to their official website.

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