It's a moving new single...

Newcastle's own AJIMAL constantly plays with memory and action, with reflection and momentum.

A doctor by day, a songwriter by night, his music is informed by these experiences, and by his resolute humanity.

New single 'How Could You Disappear?' is a case in point. Beautifully etched and highly literate, it's propelled by that crisp melody, and his pointed word play.

Real name Fran O'Hanlon, he explains that the song is about "the frailty and fickleness of memory; the way it warps and changes over time..."

We're able to share the video, and it's incredibly well pieced together, with AJIMAL deliberately keeping the identities of those characters blurred.

He explains that the video "sees its central character unravelling in her memories, unable to separate the past from the present. The male figure in the video forever lurks on the periphery of the lead character's consciousness."

"I loved the idea of making him faceless whilst having him still retain a very definite shape and presence. It's not clear who he is to the main character or what their relationships is or was; he could embody lots of different roles."

Tune in now.

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