1 Thing
Ane Brun

Sometimes the true worth of an artist isn't found in their best known material, but in the ephemera which gathers around them.

Toasting her tenth year in the music industry, adopted Swede Ane Brun released a 'Best Of' earlier this summer. A wonderful introduction to this probing, perplexing artist, it featured some of her most striking work.

Yet this doesn't tell the whole story. Collating a second compilation, the Norwegian born artist is set to rifle through the lesser explored, more difficult to find aspects of her career.

'Rarities' is out now, and contains a number of special cover versions, fan favourites and other pieces left neglected in the archive. Ane Brun explains that this "is a compilation of songs and recordings that have either not been released, or have been released on other compilations or as singles. This is a way to empty our cupboards of recordings that have been lying around, and another way to mark my ten year anniversary as an artist".

To celebrate, Clash is able to bring you an unusual cover version. In the hands of Amerie, '1 Thing' is a Saturday night R&B stomper - the point of the evening when handbags are laid down and hips are swayed.

Tearing the song to pieces, Ane Brun is able to find a quite different emotional core. Accompanied only by acoustic guitar, her soothing, gentle approach to '1 Thing' is cute, infectious and affecting.

Listen to it now.

'Rarities' is out now.

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