Mary Epworth

Despite having spent the bulk of her adult life playing, performing and creating music, Mary Epworth waited until relatively late to release her debut album.

Released last year, 'Dream Life' was woven with countless failed starts, dismissed ideas and side ventures. Buoyed by experience, its mixture of whimsical, deeply English psychedelia, alongside pop and folk textures was a triumph.

Playing some remarkable shows, Mary Epworth is now focussed on a one off single. Available right now on seven inch vinyl and digital download, 'September' / 'Beeside' display two separate sides to her persona, her songwriting.

"I think of this standalone 45 as a palate cleanser after Dream Life" Epworth muses. "This comes from that time, but I’m doing something new with it, and now look forward to thrashing about writing and recording my difficult second album."

'September' finds Mary Epworth moving in a more direct, glam rock influenced direction. The flip, though, is a more introspective cut, a cover of Tintern Abbey which pushes its way out into the English countryside.

Soothing, hazy, late summer songwriting, you can listen to 'Beeside' below.

Photo Credit: Daniel Matthews

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