We, Computers
Etienne de Crecy

French house has come a long way, but the bedrock, the foundations remain the same.

Etienne De Crecy was amongst the first wave of producers, the idealists who formulated what critics would marvel as the French Touch. Still deeply independent and still ruling dancefloors, De Crecy recently unveiled his summer plans.

It's a hectic schedule. Playing countless club dates and festivals across the continent, Etienne De Crecy is also set to find time to release his new EP 'Beats N Cubes Vol. 2' on August 5th.

Available via his own Pixadelic imprint, the EP contains four expertly crafts tracks which are hopelessly infectious, utterly universal and completely French.

"The Beats'n'Cubes show was initially conceived as a scenography feature, where I could play my live tracks on a large festival stage" the producer explained. "It didn't take long for me to get inspired by the installation strength. I have regularly updated the show with new images and new tracks to adapt the music to this cube, a massive and luminous structure. I have only been playing these tracks live so it is really exciting to have these songs finally being released."

Ahead of the release, Clash are able to present new cut 'We, Computers'. There's a sly tech edge to proceedings, as Etienne De Crecy traces out the path of mechanised modern living. Equally, there's a celebration of the humanity which remains, of the common bonds which intersect.

Listen to it now.

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'Beats N Cubes Vol. 2' is set to be released on August 5th.

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Photo Credit: Marie de Crecy


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