'Sirens Of Titan'

Alvin Lee Ryan and Tony Russell first met at an East London music school, a project that Tony runs on behalf of a charity.

Deciding to swap a few ideas, KAS-tro was born. Deliberately experimental, the pair match cerebral elements to a real sense of emotion, one that drills home the meaning of each track.

The pair will release a new self-titled EP on March 28th, with Clash able to premiere expansive new cut 'Sirens Of Titan'. The track was initially part of a pitch to "a well-known American rapper" before gaining a life of its own.

Tony explains: "It started with sampled found sounds (water drops which I used instead of snare drums, mechanical sounds from the Exorcist, a film I absolutely love)."

The title itself nods towards a sci-fi theme, as Alvin explains: "The title comes from a 1959 book by Kurt Vonnegut. It’s got a haphazard story – destiny and chance is a big part of the plot, the way it is written reflects that. Our track is kind of the influenced by that – a lot of it came about through experimenting with sound and leaving things to chance."

Check it out now.

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