Russia has almost always been a permanent state of revolution.

From the days of the Czar dynasty to Lenin's uprising, from Stalin's brutality to Perestroika and beyond the country is a little like a vast ocean: calm on the surface but underneath the currents seethe and writhe with a rare ferocity.

These days, discontent amongst the young is especially rife. Raging against Putin's rule, an entire generation of Russian youth is being politicised in an open, Democratic manner which was denied to their forebears. So when Moscow based producer Proxy names a track 'Revolution' it's not just a statement, not just an attempt at cool by association.

Clipped, brittle techno music, Proxy's output is built to last, each track comes off a conveyor belt, stripped and tested dancefloor wares. Debut album 'Music From The Eastblock Jungles Part 1' is out now via Turbo, and presents a brave, original and above all accessible new talent.

The opening salvo from a two part series, it's a vivid portrait of an emerging imagination. Our latest Track of the Day is a case in point. 'Revolution' opens with cold, robotic vocals and a sub-freeze snare crack - remember, Russia is a land where revolution failed, where exuberant optimism gave way to brutal dictatorship.

There's a potent claustrophobia at work here, with those brutal, early Techno roots allowed to gestate into bizarre metallic shapes.

Listen to it now...

- - -

'Music From The Eastblock Jungles Part 1' is out now.


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