Track Of The Day 9/3 – Jords, Lil Sykes

'Drill vs Grime'

Jords has always sought to push himself. That’s why his work sits in multiple lanes – he can spray on virtually anything, a true storyteller who is drawn to beats across the UK club spectrum and beyond.

We’re expecting a lot from Jords this year, and new single ‘Drill vs Grime’ feels like a real statement. Built alongside old friend Lil Sykes, it brings together two emphatic strands of UK rap, providing space to platform both.

Part of the ongoing conversation and mutual influence between the two scenes, the track stemmed from a conversation between these ambitious young artists. After grabbing a beat from the always in-demand ZDot – himself a key player in UK music’s ongoing evolution – the two MCs completed their 16 bar runs across the span of a single evening.

Throughout, Jords was concerned with the song’s conviction and intensity. As he puts it:

“I showed them both how to really craft the sounds of grime – it had to be a true collaboration of both sounds.”

Labelling the release “a statement song”, ‘Drill vs Grime’ becomes a reflection on underground music and Black British culture, exploring the way music can provide a release. Jords adds:

“It’s a statement of intent, hunger, and passion. I went to school with Sykes so it’s also a full circle moment, showing everyone what we can do and how much we want this. I’m not here to be the nice guy, that fits in. I’m here to create greatness.”

Tune in now.

the Music Box in LCCM 15th March. 

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