'Vile As You Want'
Man & The Echo

Man & The Echo like to speak their mind - but that doesn't mean that they can't also be respectful of other people's viewpoints.

It's a conundrum that takes them into some uncharted waters, attempting to reason with people who - ideologically speaking - exist in a quite separate universe to their own.

New single 'Vile As You Want' deals with this. It's an attack on those who lambast politically correct viewpoints, a plea for love and respect that also acts as a witty put down of bigots everywhere.

Out on March 11th via the rejuvenated 1965 Records imprint, Clash is able to premiere the video for 'Vile As You Want'. Frontman Gaz has penned us this introductory note...

- - -

My biggest turn off is when somebody bemoans a situation with the phrase: “It’s political correctness gone mad.” Sometimes the phrase is used in completely the wrong context - I actually heard someone say it whilst talking about how often their bins are collected the other week – which is only amusingly maddening. But more often than not the phrase is sung as if it is the wail of the oppressed, as if the free and democratic fabric of western life is being carved up to protect the feelings of black transgender homosexual feminist Muslims.

Political correctness suffers from having an extremely unappealing name. “Political” makes us think of politicians, which is a bad enough start, and “correctness” immediately makes the rebuked party incorrect. People don’t like being incorrect and they much less like admitting that they are.

Try to think of a better name for it and you can’t. All my best efforts sound like the result of a call centre blue sky brainstorm on mindfulness, so the best I can do is come up with a very simple explanation: to be un-PC is to be a thoughtless dick.

And you are free to be a dick comrade, you are unbearably free. If you want to say that you’d have got that job/council house/doctor’s appointment if you didn’t have the severe misfortune to be white, straight and male (when will we get a break, huh guys?) you can. If you want to call the refugees risking their lives in rubber dinghies to come to our country cockroaches, you can do it in a national newspaper.

If you just want to get off your chest exactly how two people of the same gender who you have never met getting married has affected you, there’s this thing called the internet that you’ll love. But when you say things that degrade vulnerable or disadvantaged people, or just people who are different to you, you can count on members of the liberal elite like me (low paid charity worker) to put you straight and tell you you’re a dick. There’s no law against being a dick and your freedom of speech is entirely un-impinged by someone telling you are.

Honestly, these people getting offended at being told they’re politically incorrect, it’s political correctness gone mad, gone mad.

- - -

Watch the video now.

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