'Vivienne' (Henry Krinkle Remix)
Sundara Karma

Love can be an overwhelming, seismic feeling.

Little wonder, then, that love forms such a key part in pop music. It's something that can inspire, that can push artists to fresh heights even when plunged into the depths.

Sundara Karma return to that old chestnut on new cut 'Vivienne'. Part of the group's new EP, it's an epic, soaring, uplifting return from a group who promise seems to blossom with each passing.

Oscar Lulu: “It's a love song sure, but more to do with the escapism that love can offer than love itself. The world is pretty fucked, not that this is a revelation, nor am I saying anything new. I'm just singing about a type of love that blocks out all the noise.”

Clash is able to premiere the Henry Krinkle remix, and it twists and turns Sundara Karma's songwriting into something quite new. A subtle yet muscular re-work, you can check it out below.

'EP II' will be released on November 6th.

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