Omega Male

The British don’t do sleaze.

Smut, maybe. Think of those Blackpool postcards pairing women with absurd breasts to skinny men wearing string vests, all knowing smiles and exaggerated winks. This is the kind of thing that comes to mind when listening to our latest Track of the Day.

Omega Male features David Best – 50% of Fujiya & Miyagi – working alongside Sammy from Project Jenny Project Jan. The pair have completed a full album, with the collaboration set to emerge via Full Time Hobby on November 12th.

ClashMusic have been handed lead cut ‘Testosterone’ and it’s a swaggering piece of aural joy. The bass line recalls Can, and their restricted take on the excesses of funk. Gleefully English, the track’s shaky, laptop production gives it a joyfully amateurish feel while the vocals are more ‘Adventures of a Window Cleaner’ than ‘Deep Throat’.

A lil bit of blue for a Monday morning..

- - -

'Omega Male' is set to be released on November 12th.


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