Track Of The Day 8/11 – Kate Davis


For Kate Davis, music has always been structured; there was a right answer, and there was a wrong answer. Playing the violin from the age of five, she dedicated her life to study, switching from Portland to New York so she could study at the Manhattan School of Music.

Her life locked into academic, heading to rock shows in Brooklyn became a refuge from this world, and a place of freedom. Debut album ‘Trophy’ was sculpted almost in secret, an indie pop renegade who wished to work by her own rules.

A word-of-mouth success, Kate Davis have now switched academic for lauded independent label ANTI- who will house her next chapter. New single ‘Consequences’ opens this fresh era, and it’s a beautifully weighted return, hitting beatific heights and incredible lows.

Fusing light and shade, it deals with suicidal thoughts, lingering trauma, and the need for escape; somehow, ‘Consequences’ finds a route out, building to that gorgeous chorus in the process.

Kate Davis comments…

“I experienced a major low point in 2020, tangled up in a chaotic love affair where I really met myself,” she says. “It’s about a very peculiar kind of heartbreak and betrayal where you’re at the mercy of your “other.” 

The visuals are online now, and there’s a serious Windows 98 vibe to the glitchy animated imagery – part-way between a Tarot reading and a long-lost Millennial game, you can check it out below.

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