Song 52
White Prism

New York is a stopping off point, a junction.

Born in Australia, it was Johanna Cranitch' Hungarian grand-father who first ignited her musical flair. A natural choice, then, to pack her bags and make it in the Big Apple...

Focussing on sparse, hazy electronic productions, Johanna Cranitch began to make waves last year. Each track has the appearance of a faded photograph, the feeling of clutching towards a memory which remains tantalisingly beyond reach.

Choosing the name White Prism, the music school graduate brings a sense of maturity to the arrangements - experimental without losing sight of that essential melody, her playful, eccentric streak is comparable to, say, Kate Bush. New track 'Song 52' neatly encapsulates her bristling promise.

Opening with crystalline, dark wave synths and crunching, programmed percussion, White Prism adds a warm, husky edge with her humanity played off against the crisp production.

Check out 'Song 52' below.

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