Doe Paoro

There's a rare depth to Doe Paoro's songwriting.

It's there in here lyrics - check out 'The Wind', a meditation on life in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. It's there in the music - work with producers such as Sean Carey and BJ Burton have deepened her awareness of sound, her breadth of arrangement.

New album 'After' arrives on September 25th, celebrating material which has an electronic bent but refuses to move from songwriting classicism.

An engrossing, at times difficult to grapple with record, it's the sound of Doe Paoro challenging both her audience and herself in the most contagious way possible.

“I’m used to just working with a piano,” says Paoro, “but with this album, we built an entire world with the sonics alone.”

New cut 'Nostalgia' premieres on Clash, and it's a wonderfully multi-faceted piece of songwriting. Both revelling in the past and rebelling against it, you can tune in below:

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