Live Wire Rob Sparx VIP mix
Kissy Sell Out

Essex might have a bad rep - courtesy of *that* TV show - but the area also boasts a rich raving heritage.

Close enough to get into those epochal London clubs, Essex also provided a handy route towards those outdoor raves. It's fitting then, that electro misfit Kissy Sell Out - with his blaring synths and in yr face attitude - should come straight out of Essex.

Almost continuously on tour, the producer has found time to open 2013 with another anthem. 'Live Wire' is sheer hedonism from start to finish, opening with near rock like beats before Jane Thomas adds some soulful vocals.

Rob Sparx is on hand for additional production, helping to push Kissy Sell Out into new areas. Out now, ClashMusic have been able to grab a special treat for our readers - the Rob Sparx VIP mix.

A more pared down, peak time version of the track you can listen to it below.

- - -

'Live Wire' is out now. Watch the video for the original version below.


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