Still Brooding
Ivory Seas

Music seems to fluctuate with the seasons.

Summer is all sunshine anthems, fingers in the air and classic soul for the heat. Winter, though, seems to require something more introverted, something rather more sedate to help us through that long hibernation.

Ivory Seas could well do the trick. Forming whilst at university in Southampton, the band are now based in an abandoned pub in South London. Hidden amidst the endless urban space which lies beyond the river, the band are seemingly able to let their imagination crawl across their instruments.

Playing only a handful of shows to date, Ivory Seas have impressed with the quiet density of their arrangements. Gently plucked guitars, the odd speck of electronics and hushed vocals bring you something which could soundtrack a winter wasteland.

Almost too beautiful to touch, each song seems capable of collapsing under its own weight. Last week Ivory Seas released their debut single, the double A-side 'Mothers Tongue' / 'Still Brooding' which finally allowed fans to purchase their music.

No matter how promising the unit no band's first studio steps are perfect. Yet Ivory Seas seem more promising than most - the precision of their expression is matched by a weighty emotion which seems to drip through every note.

'Still Brooding' was recently remixed by Is Tropical, who add a little warmth to the production. Listen to it below.

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Ivory Seas are set to play Clash Magazine's latest launch party at the Lexington tonight (December 6th) alongside GET PEOPLE and Cave Painting.

Facebook event.

Photo Credit: James A. Grant


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