Australia isn't merely an island - it's often regarded as a continent unto itself.

In fact, Australia is so large that new talent can often work for years without every gaining wider attention. Such is the case with Laura Hill, whose remarkably intricate, otherworldly synth-pop documents have been streaming out of the Southern Hemisphere for some time now.

Recording under the name Scraps, the songwriter's furious work rate places her at breakthrough point. Signing a deal with Fire Records, Hill is now able to bring her material to Europe - and has chosen this juncture to deliver one of her most succinct, impressive albums to date.

'Electric Ocean' will be released on March 10th, but before then Clash can unveil a special preview. 'Projections' is home built electronica, following a pattern, a design all of its own.

Sweet but not sickly, it betrays an innocence which can't be faked.

Check it out below.

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