Track Of The Day 6/5 – FLO


Spotlighting the rise of FLO is like watching a star emerge into brightness.

Everything about the R&B trio feels perfect – from their independent stance, to those fantastic outfits, and of course the songwriting – yet also natural, the work of three souls inter-connecting.

SZA, Victoria Money, and Missy Elliott are fans, with debut EP ‘The Lead’ set to land on July 8th.

Trailed on socials for weeks, new single ‘Immature’ feels like a line in the sand, a true statement of intent. A song halo’d by endless confidence, the refulgent harmonies seem to embody sonic luxury, affording space for each individual voice to assert itself.

Out now, ‘Immature’ has that instant-classic feel, the biting lyricism reinterpreting Millennial R&B tropes from a deeply 2k22 vantage point.

FLO comment…

Immature’ is about being strong and confident in yourself and we really don’t have time for someone being immature. It’s OK for you to tell a partner, “You’re not giving me what I want and you say you want my body, but you aren’t doing anything about it! It’s our more grown up record and the next phase of the story to Cardboard Box. We had to dump them in ‘Cardboard Box’, but this is about why it was necessary.

Tune in now.

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