Youth has many qualities.

Energy, for one - most young artists can undertake the kind of schedule that would cripple someone older. Innocence, for another - lack of experience often leads new talent to experiment in striking ways.

Amanda Mair has yet to escape her teens, and possesses both qualities in abundance. Growing up in Stockholm's ever-fertile arts scene, though, her fragile, often quite personal songwriting belies her years.

Working with producer Philip Ekström, Amanda Mair completed her debut album earlier this year. Available in her native Sweden, the young artist has become the toast of songwriters often double her age, in awe at the singer's ability to translate complex emotional puzzles into the simplest, most tender of melodies.

Coaxed away from Scandinavia for a rare burst of British shows, Amanda Mair is set to play the Lexington tomorrow night (September 6th). Funnily enough, the night also doubles up as the Clash Magazine issue 78 launch party so we've also invited along Peter & Kerry and Dogtanion.

By way of a preview, we've gained an exclusive acoustic version of Amanda Mair's early single 'Doubt'. Released late last year, it quickly became Mair's calling card and this new version exposes her raw, very natural talent.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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Clash Presents... Amanda Mair, Peter And Kerry and Dogtanion event page.

Photo Credit: Samuel Westergren

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