Make It Wonderful (Chad Valley Remix)

Erasure are perhaps the definitive synth-pop group.

Through Vince Clarke's production, the band have remained ahead of the curve for two decades, while Andy Bell's voice and charisma are sheer pop heaven.

Returning with new album 'Snow Globe' the duo opted to craft something different. Festive themed, it combined sharply observed winter hymnals with some of the band's most blissful music to date.

Awarded 8/10 on these very pages, 'Snow Globe' is set to spawn a new single. 'Make It Wonderful' drops on February 24th, with Andy Bell explaining "…what I love is that Vince managed to add something quite childlike and almost scary to it."

Eager to locate new voices, Erasure have commissioned a number of remixes, ranging from ethereal electronics to all out techno and beyond.

Chad Valley's take on the song seems to emphasise those light/dark elements. Retaining Andy Bell's dramatic vocal, while Chad Valley's production has a gauzy, sugar sweet touch.

Listen to it first on Clash.

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