Joyce The Librarian

Bristol's guitar scene is a strange, beguiling beast.

Sure, the West Country's electronic lineage is (rightly) lauded, but out there on the fringes are a few six string mavericks. Take Joyce The Librarian - right from their name, you can tell this won't be some laddish horrorshow.

And so it proves. An unusual, literate collective whose folk-inspired musings have gained a fervent following in Bristol, Joyce The Librarian are now close to breaking out of their enclave and making an impact on the wider musical consciousness.

But don't go expecting a Big Bang. Rather, Joyce The Librarian will charm and seduce you - inviting you over to the biography to tell you tall tales, or nudging you closer to the fiction section for a neglected slice of hardback narrative.

As today's Track of the Day promises, "our day will come". 'Land' is all jaunty folk picking and soothing harmonies that float close to indie pop territory - remember that Bristol also spawned Sarah Records and it's anti-masculine discipline. An immaculate confection, 'Land' is a fun, five minute romp that leaves a sweet after taste.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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Joyce The Librarian's debut album 'They Might Put Land Between Us' is out now.


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