Kool FM remix

Invisible but definitely not silent.

London's complex network of pirate radio stations is responsible for the birth of entire genres, for the evolution of styles which are recognisable in all corners of the globe.

Brought up on these sounds, Four Tet recently used the atmosphere, the sheer grit of the pirate scene to fuel a new track. 'Kool FM' contained some tell-tale signs of where this homage was aimed, although in true Kieren Hebden style the music couldn't be pinned down into any one genre.

But perhaps the producer missed a trick. After all, it's impossible to discuss pirate radio in the past sense - that network (though diminished) is still there, and it's helped to birth grime, UK funky, bassline, niche and more across the past decade.

Which is why this new remix is so exciting. Champion has been given the keys to Four Tet's production, responding with an aggy, grime-flavoured re-dub which takes Kieren Hebden for a trip out to the tattered outskirts of E3.

Whilst Four Tet's production is a brilliant evocation of pirate radio's past, Champion's remix proves that the scene is still kicking, still inspiring new music with every passing hour.

'Kool FM (Champion Remix)' is set to be released on Four Tet's Text label shortly.

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