'The Dome'

Thool is a reclusive partnership, a production pairing ready to let the music do the talking.

Blessed with vivid colour, their output thus far has an 80s streak - think proto-house, vintage electro and synth pop, wrapped up into one glitzy mixture.

The project's debut 12 inch arrives on September 11th, with DEEK Recordings producer Bullion commenting: “Something so familiar about Thool, they seem like old family friends. Each track on the EP is rich with information and every part is relevant - nothing can interfere with the overall sense of brilliant movement!”

Clash is able to premiere 'The Dome' and it's a jackin', addictive piece of electronic music. Akin to Vince Clarke's prime output re-tooled for the 21st century, there's a gorgeous sense of sonic, an addictive attention to sound running through 'The Dome'.

Blessed with innately visual qualities, it's a real trip from start to finish.

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