Polythers (Jimmy Edgar instrumental mix)

Py is well connected.

Last year's 'Tripping On Wisdom' mixtape found the singer digging out her little black book, calling in favours from George Fitzgerald, Throwing Snow, Breton and Raffertie. But there's a lot more to Py than a souped up contacts list.

An assured pop touch, an ability to stretch, to be flexible and use her gifts across an enormous variety of styles all contribute to someone who bristles with a very rare sense of promise.

New single 'Polythers' is out now, with Champion Records stepping in to offer the singer some support. Not that she needs it - Py has delivered an epic love song, something which matches beautiful textures to a very direct meaning.

The flip contains an instrumental mix from Jimmy Edgar. The ever in-demand Hot Flush producer strips back the song, focussing on the production to stamp his own identity on the single.

Clash are able to bring you this remix before anyone else - check it out below.

'Polythers' is out now.

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Photo Credit: Stephanie Sian Smith


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