Palm Of Your Hand
Paper Aeroplanes

Certain places in the world come with a degree of cultural cache. Scandinavia, for instance, has continually produced fantastic new music for over a decade now.

Well, in parts of the Clash office, Wales is viewed with similar distinction. Hailing from Cymru, Paper Aeroplanes are both universal and utterly Welsh. 

Focussing on the duo of Sarah Howells and Richard Llewellyn, the project has been moving forward since 2009. Playing more than 100 shows last year, Paper Aeroplanes are rapidly becoming an Actual Proper Band.

Roping in guest musicians for their new album, 'Little Letters' is perhaps the group's most confident, eloquent statement yet. Breezy acoustic folk with a pop flair, the material for 'Little Letters' was seemingly inspired by their surroundings.

“We're constantly inspired by our home towns and the stark, coastal imagery of the wild west" Sarah Howells explains. "This album is about personal experiences in relationships and the inner, mostly hidden lives of people, as opposed to what you see on the surface. My main aim when writing is to express something that I would normally find hard to put into words. It’s definitely a cathartic process.”

Out on May 13th, ClashMusic have been granted a special preview. 'Palm Of Your Hand' is an effortless piece of songwriting, matching a beautifully lilting melody with lyrics which are pretty on the surface but - if you dig a little deeper - have some troubling undertones...

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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