No Relief

House is big news.

In 2013 could have one defining sound, it would undoubtedly be house.From the underground to the charts, it seems that any producer worth their salt is turning towards the sounds of Chicago.

Yet Tensnake was there first. 'Coma Cat' arguably wrote the rulebook on how to construct melodic big room house with a crossover tip, and since then the producer has continually nailed that sound.

Working with vocalist Fiora, recent single 'See Right Through' was a superb distillation of harmony and emotion with an old school kick. Seeming to gain in prominence with each passing release, new cut 'No Relief' could well mark something of a tipping point.

That subtle percussion and sunset-draped synth work is sheer Tensnake, but it's Fiora's vocal which really pushes the track into a new area. The Tasmanian-born, Berlin based artist adds a touch of soul, wrapping Tensnake's sweet production in the most seductive melancholy.

The best part? Tensnake is giving 'No Relief' away for free - check it out below.

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