Minotaur Shock

Essentially an alter ego for David Edwards, Minotaur Shock has remained on the fringes of electronic music for over a decade.

But perhaps that's the best place for him. Looking back over Minotaur Shock's slim discography, it's hard to find a pigeon hole to place him under - existing in the slipstream between genres, the Bristol producer's work is subtle, persuasive and difficult to shrug off.

Prone to periods of near silence, Minotaur Shock recently returned with new album 'Orchard'. Once again hooking up with Melodic, the material contained therein seemed to be in continual fluctuation, a writhing mass of ideas and new directions. 'Saundersfoot' is a case in point. All jagged edges, glitchy rhythms and soothing tones, it's an ever unfolding mesh of contradictions.

Listen to it below.

- - -

Minotaur Shock is set to play Clash cousin night East Not East later this month. Matching live performances from the Bristol producer and MMoths, tickets for the Shacklewell Arms show are on sale now.

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