Track Of The Day 4/5 – Deyaz


Deyaz is making power moves. His debut mixtape was released last year, establishing him as a vital talent. Recent single ‘I’ll Scream (All The Words)’ went viral, his talents blowing up release by release.

New single ‘Bones’ is out now, and it allows Deyaz to move between different lanes. Amid the dizzying technical virtuosity, though, lies a beating heart – every note comes from a deeply personal place.

Infectious from the off, it also criss-crosses between different pathways, infusing his creativity with a bold, vivacious streak.

The visuals, too, point to a talent unburdened by barriers. Airing first on Clash, ‘Bones’ illuminates Deyaz at a point where he is reaching ever-outwards.

Of his new single, he comments…

“This song represents a really significant time in my life where I felt stuck in a dark place and was not sure if I’d ever make it out. It was inspired from being in a one sided relationship, but it goes much deeper than that.”

“I often question why I put myself in that position in the first place, why I couldn’t find the strength to get out, and ultimately why it took so long to make it through to the other side. I think the music video is an artistic representation of those constant life struggles – the challenge in finding the light while avoiding temptation that pulls you back into the dark.”

Watch the video now.

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