The saxophone - even it's very name seems to belong to the past.

A source of kitsch dread for some, to others it's a glorious thing of sonic beauty, an instrument capable of raising goosebumps and sizzling down ears.

So Postiljonen could well split Clash readers. A Scandinavian dream pop phenomenon, new track 'Atlantis' opens with some searing, soaring saxophone - the type of thing even 'Careless Whisper' would baulk at.

However that's only part of the story. Norwegian singer Mia Bøe adds some wonderful vocals, the sort of draped-in-melancholy gravitas which our Northern neighbours seem to excel at. The crisp, assured production is the work of Swedish multi-instrumentalists Daniel Sjörs and Joel Nyström Holm, who seem to sit somewhere between cutting edge dance and 80s R&B.

Due to be released by the incredibly good looking people at Best Fit Recordings, 'Atlantis' aims high. Named in honour of a mythological city destroyed by the waves, there's an ambition here which is difficult to deny.

Aiming for the perfect pop of Whitney Houston, Ashford & Simpson or the Pointer Sisters, Postiljonen are both gleefully naff and hopelessly affecting.

Listen to it below.


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