'All Cried Out'
Miguel Campbell

Miguel Campbell is a house master, a producer whose style cross the entire rainbow of that ever difficult to define genre.

New album 'Memoirs' finds the beat maker looking inward, trying different approaches to fuse these disparate strands.

Out on May 5th, it's a record that makes subtle use of colour and emotion, building into something engrossing yet entirely immediate.

Miguel comments: "After the release of 'Night Drive Without You', I felt that I had a fresh start and decided to make an album that encompassed the different emotions that I have experienced throughout my time in house music. From the feminine cries of the 90s to the low-pass filters of the French touch era."

'All Cried Out' achieves this - dig the references to early 90s Jersey and the French touch, all in one track.

Check it out below.

‘All Cried Out’ is released as part of Miguel’s new album, ‘Memoirs’, via Outcross Records on May 5th.

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