'31 Years'
Treetop Flyers

Treetop Flyers are true songwriters.

Each song feels finely honed, gently carved, arriving with no small degree of care and attention. The influences are there - late 60s, Byrds and Neil Young, even Springsteen at points - but what emerges is a clear love for music and passion for communicating deeply personal truths.

New album 'Palomino' is layered in folk-rock textures, recalling that Laurel Canyon sound yet with a defiantly modern twist.

Out shortly, Clash is able to premiere new track '31 Years'. Poignant and clearly heartfelt, the song was inspired by the death of a close friend.

Laurie Sherman explains that it "wasn’t finished until 6 or 7 months after when I was really able to sit down and reflect on what my friend had meant to me. The song is not only a personal account of loss, but is meant to be a more general feeling of moving on in a positive way. The upbeat driving tempo and groove help enforce this idea of taking something positive out of such a tragic and sad event."

Check it out now.

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