Love And Respect ft. Killer Mike (radio edit)...
When Saints Go Machine

Confusion is the guiding force of creativity. What, you mean you thought we planned all this? Pffft....

When Saints Go Machine had previously seemed to be the very model of decorum, the perfect example of careful planning fuelling an aesthetic approach. However for their third album, the Copenhagen four-piece found themselves in a dead end.

Creatively thwarted, the band decided to throw themselves open to chance. Accepting new influences and new approaches, what has emerged is a conglomerate, a menagerie, a meeting point.

New album ‘Infinity Pool’ is the result. A swirling mesh of cross-currents and dangerous waters, it opens with what is perhaps When Saints Go Machine’s most unexpected moment to date.

‘Love And Respect’ is a woozy hip hop beat, a Dilla slump configured with broken synths and day-glo electronics. The vocals have that Scandinavian pop touch, but veer across one another in a haphazard way.

Plus, Killer Mike is on hand to lend some rhymes. How often can you say that about a Scandinavian pop group?

Listen to it now...

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