Black Noise (DJ Spoko Remix)
DJ Spoko

South Africa's densely populated townships are proving to have a massive effect on electronic music.

Swarming, heaving masses of poverty, the area's are birthing strange new party soundtracks. Literally taxi'd around the country, styles such as Shangaan electro have flooded onto the internet and been picked up on by selectors around the globe.

Our latest Track Of The Day is a great example. Dead Oceans signing Sun Airway recently returned with their second album 'Soft Fall', another typically sublime piece of dream-pop. All sighing guitars, droplets of vocals and hazy production, it's a world away from South African house.

Which is what makes this track so intriguing. New single 'Black Noise' has been re-worked by DJ Spoko, who brings his own inimitable style to proceedings. Labelling his sound 'Bacardi House' the producer steals from Shangaan electro, techno and garage, re-arranging each element in a startlingly new, un-tamed manner. It's a fun, buoyant affair which completely inverts the dream pop nature of the original.

Listen to it now...


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