Trouble In Town
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Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, it's difficult to deny that Hallowe'en is an atmospheric time of year.

Perhaps it's down to programming - after all, if you watch countless horror films set around October 31st then the date will surely begin to take on an ominous presence. Or it could simply be your unconscious mind admitting the death of summer, the final descent of sun into winter.

Whatever, Hallowe'en sure scares the Bejeesus out of us. Funnily enough, so does today's Track of the Day. William Yates (Memotone) and Ian Merchant (Aspects) sat down together last year to discuss a mutual love for 70s rural horror flicks.

Settling on a new project, Black Acre affiliated Memotone began writing some suitably chilling music for a short story Ian Merchant planned to write. A childs-eye view of the secrets and rumours surrounding adult life in his isolated home town, the story soon evolved into a full blown rap.

An extremely dark, spoken word piece it's Gaiman-esque qualities are difficult to shrug off. Adding to the eeriness of Aspects delivery, Memotone drafted in some genuine field recordings to complete a track which seems to use its sparse, skeletal nature almost as a psychological weapon. Your mind is tricked into filling in the details, with the suspense coming both from the story itself and the dread-fuelled production.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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Written and produced by Aspects & Memotone (I. Merchant & W. Yates). Vocals recorded and mixed by Rola at Khameleon Sound Bristol. Taken from the forthcoming Aspects album due 2013.


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